Lecture28 - BioNB222 Cornell University Spring 2008 Andrew...

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BioNB222 Spring 2008 Cornell University Andrew H. Bass Lecture 28. Emotional Centers of the Brain Reading Assignment: Purves, Chapter 29 Lecture Outline GOAL: To understand how emotion is represented in the brain. “And minds without emotions are not really minds at all. They are souls on ice – cold, lifeless creatures devoid of any desires, fears, sorrows, pains, or pleasures.” [from J. LeDoux, The Emotional Brain ] I. The Limbic System: First Hundred Years In 1853, Pierre Paul Broca recognized a ring of tissue surrounding the corpus callosum, on the medial face of the cerebral hemisphere. Broca called it “le grand lobe de l’ourlet or “the great lobe of the hem”. Broca later changed its name to “le grand lobe limbique” or “ limbic lobe ”. According to this definition, the limbic lobe included the regions of cortex that border (limbic is Latin for border) the corpus callosum - this is mainly the cingulate cortex (or gyrus) and the hippocampus (a part of the cerebral cortex located on the medial surface of the temporal lobe; P - Fig. 29.4 ). It was NOT hypothesized that this part of the brain was involved in emotions but rather was simply dominated by the sense of smell (olfaction). In the 1930’s, James Papez of Cornell University (!) suggested that olfaction is not the principal function of the limbic lobe. Papez described a set of connections between the limbic lobe (cingulate cortex and the hippocampus) and the hypothalamus and proposed that this circuit (the Papez circuit ) is important in the control of emotions. Papez’ views were based on the clinical symptoms associated with damage to various brain regions and on the limited non- experimental methods available at that time for determining connections between
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Lecture28 - BioNB222 Cornell University Spring 2008 Andrew...

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