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BioNB222 Spring 2008 Cornell University Andrew H. Bass Lecture 19. Control of Movement Reading Assignment: Purves, Chapter 17 & 18 Lecture Outline GOAL: To understand how the cerebral hemispheres can control movement. Overview : Neurons in every major brain division (forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain) can influence the activity of motor neurons that activate skeletal muscles that lead to behavioral actions. Here, we consider those parts of the cerebral hemispheres that affect the control of such “voluntary” movement. A. MOTOR CORTICES - located in the frontal lobe, the CNS has several areas of cortex mainly devoted to motor function ( ). 1. Primary motor cortex – initiates movement a. Neurons located in the primary motor cortex have direct connections with interneurons and motor neurons in spinal cord, hindbrain & midbrain. b. The pathway to the spinal cord is the corticospinal tract (P – Fig. 17.9 ). The pathway to the medulla and midbrain the corticobulbar tract (e.g., see P – Fig. 17.9 ). are known as the pyramidal tract because their axons pass through the medulla’s "pyramids" ( see pyramidal decussation - Fig. 17.9 ). d. The axons of the pyramidal tract reflect the musculototopic map ( motor homunculus ) that is present in the motor cortex ( P - Fig. 17.10
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Lecture19 - BioNB222 Cornell University Spring 2008 Andrew...

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