FINAL PAPER - I got a 90 on it

FINAL PAPER - I got a 90 on it - The Gold Rush The Gold...

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The Gold Rush The Gold Rush is a slapstick silent comedy that was written, directed by, and starring Charlie Chaplin. This movie was released to US theaters in 1925, with the main plot being Chaplin’s character traveling to Alaska to take part in the Alaskan Gold Rush. While in Alaska he meets several characters including Big Jim, Black Larsen, Jack and his newly found love interest Georgia. The Gold Rush is a great example of how Chaplin uses a narrative structure that includes gags that are still used in popular Hollywood films today. Also, uses aspects of mise-en-scene to make one of his most popular silent comedies. In this paper I will be talking about how Chaplin uses narrative structure, the use of cinematography along with editing, and also mise-en-scene in the film the Gold Rush. Like most of the narrative structures used during the silent comedy era, Chaplin’s uses of the individual sequences in the film are both rich in his comic ingenuity and in his ability to show sorrow. 1 Some of the most obvious sequences of the narrative are the sight gags and the mimed metaphors that Chaplin uses throughout the film. Several of these comic sequences have become infamous and are still used in today’s popular films, for example when Charlie is in the cabin, he looks at his shoe, carves it, and proceeds to eat it like it was a gourmet meal. 1 He also twirls the shoelaces around and treats it if it was spaghetti and also sucks the nails like you would a chicken bone. These sequences are used in many of today’s popular film especially in the cartoon genre. Another mimed metaphor Chaplin uses in the narrative is while he was trapped in the cabin Chaplin adds salt to the lantern wick and eats it as if it were an additional meal. Another sequence that I had noticed that was used in the Gold Rush was also used in the 2005 film Just Friends, where the female character goes back to the male characters area and sees him overreacting and then says that she had forgotten her gloves.
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FINAL PAPER - I got a 90 on it - The Gold Rush The Gold...

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