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Film TV 106 A Midterm Study Guide

Film TV 106 A Midterm Study Guide - Film TV 106 A Midterm...

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Film TV 106 A Midterm Study Guide Movies - Watched -Singing in the Rain (1952) (MGM) –Commented on the transition from silent films to sound films. -Commented on silent films not being a real art or real acting – “just a lot of dumb show.” -Great Train Robbery (1905) -Great sense of realism, real train. -Handpainted color for dynamite blast & some clothes such as women’s dresses. -Action is played towards the camera (unlike Melies films where action is side-to-side) -Crime doesn’t pay – bad guys are defeated. - Last scene : Robber in color clothes shooting at camera. -People wanted more related to this, spawning the nickelodean era. - Grandaddy of all crime/western movies . -Gertie the Dinosaur -Black & white cartoon. -No depiction of reality. -International -Shows real people, events sites. -Made at beginning of Prohibition, so looking at drinking was a thrilling experience. Way Down East (1920) (United Artists, D.W. Griffith) -About a woman having a child out of wedlock, but being tricked into a fake marriage. -The Kid (1921) (United Artists, Charlie Chaplin) -Longest comedy film from that time. -“A picture w/ a smile & perhaps, a tear.” – Caption -Sherlock Jr. (1924) (United Artists, Buster Keaton) -Employed the recurring theme of good character vs. bad character. -Shows the consequences of trying to do 2 things at once (detective & projectionist) -There is also a scene where the main character learns what to do through a film, showing Hollywood’s influence. -Starts w/ a proverb “Don’t try to do things at once & expect to do justice to both.” Sunrise (1927) (Fox) -“A Song of 2 Humans” -Original music track. -Spectacular camera work, amazing sets. -German Expressionism. -Was a part of the first Academy Awards. Mickey Mouse – “Steamboat Willy” -Synchronizd sound, animated cartoon. -Michey Mouse whistles, sound effects (steam boat), a cat growls, parrot talks. -W/ sound, there are more exaggerated movements in which there was sound – excitement of sound. -First Disney comic came w/ a sound track. -Disney was always on the edge of technology – first sound cartoons & Technicolor. -I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang ( WB ) -“How do you live?” “I steal.” Betty Boop in Boop-Oop-A-Doop (1930s) (Paramount) -Betty Boop is a flapper girl – short hair. She plays a lion tamer. -Always wearing a bikini top & a short bottom. -Men are attracted to her. -The circus manager tried to rape her. -Footlight Parade (1933) (WB) -Movie in a movie. -About producing Musical Comedies on the stage (prologues). Movies – Not Watched -Life of An American Fireman (Directed by Edwin S. Porter, Distributed by Edison) -There was a huge demand for other movies related to that movie companies tried to meet production demands. -Stage Coach directed by John Ford - Post-Code -Made Westerns famous. -Post-Code. -Mrs. Mallory, but code won’t let her show her pregnancy; she simply looks & feels sick.
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-Westerns were portrayed as morality films juxtaposed w/ the great frontier.
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Film TV 106 A Midterm Study Guide - Film TV 106 A Midterm...

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