February 27- structural geology

February 27- structural geology - strain the shape returns...

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GEO 1401 Test 2 Notes February 27, 2008 Structural Geology (p. 82-85): The Deformation of Rock Rocks can bend, break, and fold For test know pg 30-32, 82-85 Stress - a force per unit area- the push or pull on a rock Strain - the measure of change in shape to a stressed material (deformation) Types of Deformation o Elastic- reversible or nonpermanent change in shape (remove the
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Unformatted text preview: strain, the shape returns) ex: metal springs Elastic def. can be exceeded if too much stress is applied o Non elastic deformation Ductile deformation- stretching or flowing of material without breaking (irreversible) Brittle deformation- breaking or fracturing (irreversible)...
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