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april 21 notes - • Care must be used as stain is also...

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CHE 1405 with Hassell Deodorant Sweat decomposed by bacteria to compounds like carboxylic acids (butyric acid)- rotten butter Deodorants contain alcohol and perfume The perfume is to hide the smell of bacteria Alcohol reacts with carboxylic acids to produce esters and the esters are normally sweet smelling RCOH+ ROH (carboxylic acid+ alcohol) RCOR (ester) +H 2 0 Anti perspirant Contains astringent which closes pores Hair Wet hair stretches to 1.5 times its length Salt bridges and some hydrogen bonds are broken by water and can be reset in new shape holding that shape while it’s drying New shape is temporary (usually less than a day) Curling irons or rollers will break and reform a few of the disulfide bonds But most disulfide bonds A dipilitory contains compounds which will break the bonds in the protein chains of hair (break the protein bonds)
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Unformatted text preview: • Care must be used as stain is also protein Health and Nutrition: Recommended diet • 25% calories from fat in US, usually 34% • Sensible approach o Balanced low-calorie diet with reasonable consistent exercise program • On a diet with restrained carbs, lose muscle as well as fat. o When gained back, grained as fat and harder to lose again Eating disorders • Anorexia- people who are not eating, over exercising • Bulimia- binging and purging • Over eating • 19% of college ladies have an eating disorder Maintaining weight • Calorie to maintain o Adult women- 11 calories per pound o Adult men- 13 calories per lb o Teen girls- 13 o Teen guys- 15 o Athletes-17 • A pound is 3500 calories to lose a pound consume 3500 calories less than you use • Walking a mile a day, uses 250 calories...
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april 21 notes - • Care must be used as stain is also...

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