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Notes March 26

Notes March 26 - easy to use technology exists familiar...

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CHE 1405 with Hassell Chem Notes March 26, 2008 Energy Sources Table: Cost columns- initial cost Maintenance cost- continual cost Lifetime- how long we expect to get energy from the energy source How works- how source is used to make electricity Advantages/disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Natural gas:65 years Clean, easy to use, technology exists Needed in industry Petroleum: 68 years
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Unformatted text preview: easy to use, technology exists, familiar Pollution, needed in **when cost of petro. Increases, living costs increase** chemistry industry Coal: 200 years easy to use, technology exists . pollution, mining dangers, Fission Reactor: lots of energy, technology exists. radiation, radioactive waste needs stored, fear of people that don’t understand radiation...
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