Water notes 3 march 17

Water notes 3 march 17 - 20% of sewage) 90% of cities use o...

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Water notes 3-17-08 City water treatments Screening- remove large particles Coagulants- chemicals that precipitate or trap contaminants Settling- large particles Cl2 or O3 used to kill bacteria and microorganisms Figure 13.17 in book Municipal water purification plant Water softener remove Ca2+ , Fe2+, and Mg2+ (calcium, iron, and magnesium ions) Waste water treatment – distillation o Primary methods – physical methods, screens, and filters removes (10-
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Unformatted text preview: 20% of sewage) 90% of cities use o Secondary methods- biological methods (speed up natures normal methods of decomposing sewage)- 2 types (takes 60-70% out of water) Trickling filter Activated sludge method o Tertiary methods- advanced (removes last 10-20%) Charcoal filters Electro dialysis- reverse osmosis o Osmosis- the way our body take things out of blood stream and put them in cells...
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