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april 23 notes test 4 - GEO 1401 Test 4 Notes Stream...

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GEO 1401 Test 4 Notes Stream Deposits and Features 1. Floodplain- the portion of a river system that is covered by water during flood stage. 2. Meander- a twisting winding course of looping stream bends a. Meander loops migrate throughout the floodplain (swoops through the surface) b. Rivers are dynamic- they change constantly c. Meanders erode on the outside of the bend and deposit sediment on the inside of the bend d. Entrenched meander- rapid uplift of the land causes rapid down cutting 3. Point bar- sand or gravel deposited on the inside of a meander bend. Deposition. (drops sediment bar on the inside of the loop) 4. Cut bank- the steep walled part of the outside of the meaner. Erosion. (water speeds up around the outside and chews up on the wall. This is why the meander loops-rivers- migrate back and forth across flood plains ) a. Erodes anything around it making it flat b. As meanders migrate, they leave behind a layer of sand and gravel c. Would you want to build on a flood plain? No! d. Would you build your house on a cut bank or point bar? Point bar. It will flood but the house will still be there when the water goes back down. 5. Oxbow lake- isolated meander loops. a. Forms when a stream cuts through a meander neck 6. Natural levee- a curvy-linear mound of sand and gravel that parallels the river a. Before flood- no levees b. During flood stage- water level rises, carries sand, slows down, and drops the coarse grained sediment right next to the river causing mounds of coarse grained sediment that parallels the rivers. c.
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april 23 notes test 4 - GEO 1401 Test 4 Notes Stream...

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