March 26 test 3 notes

March 26 test 3 notes - GEO 1401 Earthquakes Test 3 Notes...

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GEO 1401 Earthquakes March 26, 2008 Test 3 Notes Strength of an earthquake How much stored energy is released? Intensity - Modified Mercalli scale: based on what people experience during an earthquake (pg 93 of book) Modified Mercallil Scale 1. A qualitative measure based on earthquake effects in populated areas 2. Intensity ratings are expressed as Roman numeral between I at the low end and XII at the high end Know What people experience from book The intensity scale differs from the Richter Magnitude Scale in that the effects of any one earthquake vary greatly from place to place, so there may be Intensity values (eg:IV, VII) measured from one earthquake. Magnitude - Richter Scale Quantitatively measures the amount of energy released from an earthquake Needs instrumentation measurement Only one magnitude for an earthquake Magnitude calculated by measuring the height of the largest s wave The height of the seismic wave is converted to a Richter number between The richter scale is logarithmic- each number is not linear (curved graph) Effects of an Earthquake 1. Ground motion (destroys buildings) 2. Faults 3. Fire- gas lines break 4. Landslides, avalanches 5. Liquefaction 6. Tsunami 7. Harbor wave 8. Flooding- dams and levees break 9. Differential ground settlement Liquefaction The transformation of a granular material from a solid state into a liquid
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March 26 test 3 notes - GEO 1401 Earthquakes Test 3 Notes...

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