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Notes Chapter 1 - Sociology Notes Chapter One January 11...

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Sociology Notes Chapter One What is Sociology? o A study of society and its members Characteristics and goals o Social science o Sociological imagination The ability to see the relationship between the individual experience and society o Debunking myths Another part of sociology Divorce o More today than back in the day o Women entering the work place o Not as expensive now days o Not as damaging for children Personal debt o College less affordable o Advertisements o Ease of obtaining a credit card Origins of sociology o Founder
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Cont: sociology was introduced by him in the 1800’s Location of origin: western Europe (urbanized) Context: urbanization o Theory: a set of logically related statements that attempt to describe or explain events o Perspective: an overall approach or view on a perspective Three key perspectives o Functionalism: dominates the general public’s perspective. Society is made up of parts that are interrelated that function together to make a whole. Religion Education Gov’t Media Entertainment Change in one thing will result in a change in another o Manifest functions vs. latent function Manifest: purposeful
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Notes Chapter 1 - Sociology Notes Chapter One January 11...

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