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Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface - J Jordan Bouchard Thtr 1009-002...

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J. Jordan Bouchard Thtr 1009-002 810-05-8565 03/17/2008 Beneath the Surface Forget the drinks and popcorn, Beneath the Surface takes you on a ride of a lifetime. Andy, your driver and protagonist of the story, leads you on a rollercoaster ride straight to the Core of the Earth. Only, on this ride there are not any road signs or navigation systems to assist you on the way. Watching all the drama unfold as Andy leaves the nice, cool beach for the hot unknown depths below, you get caught in a You will not leave disappointed. From the very beginning of the play you get a “hold onto your slippers Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore,” felling as you enter the unknown and anything is possible. Not much is known about Andy. The given circumstances are he is on a quest to dig a hole from Hawaii to Botswana and going to prove everyone wrong by showing it does exist and it is possible to get there. The motivation for the trip is unknown until later in the performance we find out he is running away from something terrible he has done in the past. Andy digs below the surface and enters a different lifestyle. Making friends along the way and running into childhood friends he had long forgotten, some who tempt him away from his path, and others who try to force him to deal with his past. When he makes it to the core, his past and present finally catch up with one another and reality must be faced. Andy finally recognizes he was wrong when he became over- aggressive with a female at a party and instead of blaming her for the wrong in his
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