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Michael Barker PHL 103 Paper #1 The Importance of Human Culture As human beings one of our greatest assets is our ability for rational thought. Nothing we, as a species, encounter is free from the prodding and scrutinizing of rationality. Everything from the way we live our lives to our very existence is always open to questioning. As a society we must also focus our analytical energy on our very culture and, although difficult, question whether we are headed in the right direction or if we need to step back and tweak or possibly reconstruct the different aspects that make up our culture. Perhaps the aspect of culture which is of greatest importance is the semantic culture. Semantic culture consists of the way in which we express and interpret meaning through the use of language and symbols. The language of a culture, and not simply the spoken language (English, German, etc) or dialect, but the way in which the language expresses meaning and the way that certain words or symbols relate indirectly to the same or similar words and/or symbols in a different context. Such relations can have a significant impact on a culture which is why semantic culture is of such importance and should be exposed to a thorough rational investigation. Adams states, “The culture of a people is their most important product and possession.” (p.2) As human beings we seem to differ by a wide margin from even the most similar species. There are other animals that use tools and perhaps have a lose society but as of yet nothing has
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phl103-paper1 - Michael Barker PHL 103 Paper #1 The...

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