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M7.5 SBAR Assignment for Olivia Jones For this assignment, you are the RN who has cared for Olivia Jones on the overnight shift. You will be using the SBAR format to provide a written shift report to the oncoming day nurse. Your written document should be uploaded into Canvas. The day nurse will be taking Ms. Jones to the OR for an emergency C-section. Use the information from the vSim and the information below to compose the SBAR report. Including “Situation-Background-Assessment – Recommendations according to the rubric. Identify: Hi Kelly Pultro, nightshift nurse ready to give report on Ms. Olivia Jones. Situation: Patient is a 23-year-old African American woman named Olivia Jones. She has been admitted to the labor and delivery unit for evaluation and observation after being diagnosed with severe preeclampsia. Miss Jones is complaining of a headache that acetaminophen is unable to relieve. Her symptoms include fatigue, nausea, and complaints of chest tightness, vision disturbances, and epigastric pain.
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