BUAD 304 Case Incident 1 - J&J Automotive Sales

BUAD 304 Case Incident 1 - J&J Automotive Sales - would...

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1. I think the stereotype of used-car dealers developed through the media. Many movies, television programs, and news stories depict used-car salesmen as manipulative, pushy, and dishonest people. Perhaps with this image constantly being reinforced through the media, the public has gained a perception that all salesmen behave in this manner. 2. There is not much that Joe can really do to counter this stereotype because usually once people have developed a perception of someone or something, it is hard to change their minds. However, Joe could possibly revamp his appearance, he
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Unformatted text preview: would appear more trustworthy to consumers. 3. This stereotype would benefit Joe because he would not have to spend time, energy, and money to appeal to new customers. This stereotype could be beneficial to customers because they could use this perception as a means to negotiate prices. 4. In order to change the stereotype, AutoNation has developed a business that does not depend solely on hard-sell marketing, but rather on more interpersonal relationships between salesman and customer....
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