BUAD 304 Case Incident 1 - A Virtual Team at TA Stearns

BUAD 304 Case Incident 1 - A Virtual Team at TA Stearns -...

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Case Incident 1: A Virtual Team at T.A. Stearns 1. This group is a team because they can all benefit from each other. They collectively discuss new ideas and help each other out when one is stuck in a bind. For instance, when one of Marge’s kids was sick, the others helped her out with the work. 2. Yes, Cy enjoys hacking around with macros. He became obsessed with the idea of having shortcuts, thus he created a program which saved him 8 hours of work. What was unethical was not sharing their innovative program with the rest of the company while reaping the benefits of the free time they received from the macro. 3. Having a think tank or groupthink is effective because it allows for an innovative idea to transform and develop into action. This team demonstrated that by distributing the macro to other team members during busy season. 4. Dave both has and has not been an effective team leader. He has not been an effective team leader because he allowed Cy to undermine his authority by
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Unformatted text preview: creating a program without consulting him beforehand. In addition, he allowed them to keep the program a secret. He did demonstrate good leadership qualities when he actually found out about the innovation. Instead of immediately reprimanding them, he gave them the opportunity to explain their actions instead of scolding them. That is important because in a team, open communication is essential. He is also a good leader because he understood the actions of Cy and his partners. He saw the long-term benefits of an innovation such as the macro. 5. Dave has to notify management about the macro because although it was efficient, it was not released to higher management like it was supposed to be. This went against company policy and for that they would have to pay the consequences. Since Dave is the leader, he would have to take responsibility for their wrongdoings....
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BUAD 304 Case Incident 1 - A Virtual Team at TA Stearns -...

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