201- Study Guide - Exam _1

201- Study Guide - Exam _1 - o Complementing o Regulating o...

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Comm 201 – Introduction to Communication Dr. Mary Z. Ashlock Study Guide, Exam 1 Chapter 1 – The Communication Process Models of Communication o Linear (5 stages) o Interactive (what does it add) o Transactional (simultaneous transaction model) Meaning Traces/Schema Role-taking and Feedback Denotative v. Connotative Structural features of language Chapter 2 – Verbal Communication Lessons learned from trying to teach apes Clever Hans effect Changes brought about from writing Semantics “Knowing Reality” Symbols Arbitrary selection Meaning Triangle o Referent o Symbol o Meaning
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Chapter 3 – Nonverbal Communication Define nonverbal communication Functions – relationship between verbal and nonverbal
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Unformatted text preview: o Complementing o Regulating o Substituting o Contradicting Body as Communication Artifacts Clothing as Communication Actions o Kinesics Emblems Illustrators Adapters o Vocalics o Oculesics o Proxemics Territoriality Personal space o Haptics o Chronemics Nonverbal Immediacy Chapter 4 The Importance of Listening Purposes of Listening (4) Active v. Passive Listening Adaptation Sender-Receiver Reciprocity Sender-Receiver Similarity Misconceptions about listening Barriers to Effective Listening Stereotypes Strategic plan for listening...
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201- Study Guide - Exam _1 - o Complementing o Regulating o...

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