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201 - Study Guide - Exam _4 - o Modeling o Social...

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Comm 201 – Study Guide, Exam 4 Dr. Mary Z. Ashlock Chapter 13 – Communicating with Media Letters – advantages and disadvantages Memoranda – definition, advantages, disadvantages Telephone – norms/etiquette o Voice mail o Fax Computers o Internet/ARPA net o E-mail – advantages and disadvantages Teleconferencing – advantages and disadvantages o Audioconferencing o Videoconferencing o Computer conferencing Chapter 14 – Understanding Mass Communication Johannes Gutenberg Books – most respectable, developed by the Romans Newspapers o John Peter Zenger o New York Sun o Penny press Magazines o Instruments of politics o Specialization Mass Communication Process o Linear Magic Bullet theory Theory of Selective and Minimal Effects o Reinforcement o Two-step flow process Powerful Effects o Accumulation process o Innovations (adoption process) Socialization theories
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Unformatted text preview: o Modeling o Social expectations Chapter 15 – Professional Communication Similarities and differences between advertising and public relations o Use of mass media o Use and techniques of persuasion o Paying clients Relationship between advertising and public relations, and the media Effective advertising messages o Cultural expectations o Cognitive-emotional approach Chapter 16 – Researching the Communication Process Research o Definition o 3 postulates/assumptions orderly universe cause-effect relationships scientific integrity • experto credite Hypothesis Participant observation Data entry Data analysis Experiments Surveys – face-to-face interviewing Measurements - definition o Nominal o Ordinal Validity and Reliability...
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