201 - Study Guide - Exam _2

201 - Study Guide - Exam _2 - -Authoritarian democratic...

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Comm. 201 – Introduction to Communication Mary Z. Ashlock, Ph.D. Study Guide, Exam 2 Chapter 5 – Communicating Interpersonally Define Interpersonal Communication - dyad, impersonal to personal, 6 characteristics Define Self - six images involved in communication - persona Reasons for interpersonal communication - Cost/benefit ratio (reward and punishment) - cushioning Engagement - packaging - stranger on a plane Small talk - Importance - skills Management - Exchange theory - delayed gratification - intimate idioms Disengagement - Distance - disassociation Chapter 6 – Communicating in Small Groups Define groups - optimal size Types of groups - Intimate (family, peer) - task-oriented (discussion, improvement, decision making) - formal v. informal Socialization Personality Stages in group development Social ranking/leadership
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Unformatted text preview: -Authoritarian, democratic, laissez-faire Group cohesion Chapter 7 – Communicating in Organizations Define organizations Define organizational communication Social institutions – government, religious, economic, family Define bureaucracy Human use perspective Human relations perspective Human resources perspective Flow of messages-what flows up-what flows down Grapevine/informal communication Chapter 8 – Communicating Between Cultures Define culture-Society-Mainstream-co-culture Melting pot policy Ethnocentrism Culture and communication-intercultural communication defined, 5 principles Cultural features-Individualistic v. collectivistic-power distance-high and low context-masculine v. feminine...
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201 - Study Guide - Exam _2 - -Authoritarian democratic...

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