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Andre’s MotherMeme The meme I created utilizes the theme of “every person deals with death in their own way” to convey that every person gathered at the balloon ceremony was dealing with the death of Andre in their own unique way. The different “drama faces” in the meme are meant to represent this. Cal’s sister, Penny, and Cal’s father, Arthur, deal with the death of Andre easily. They let go of their balloons relatively simply. Cal deals with Andre’s death a bit more heavily and with a bit of frustration. He expresses his deepest feelings talking to the blank faced mother of Andre. Andre’s mother, on the other hand, deals with her son’s death in a more solemn and contemplative manner. Throughout the entire play and throughout all the dialogue, she stays standing still, unmoving, and silent. While some people express their feelings and let it all out, some people keep it in and deal with it that way. Andre’s mother keeps it all in until the end. It may seem that she didn’t hear what Cal had to say, but when she brings the balloon close to her and kisses it, the audience realizes that she took his words to heart and let go.
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