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BN301-millenials - boot As a generation we are spoiled and...

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Stephanie Hart Hart 1 BN 301 Stahl Monday February 4, 2008 The Influence of Millenials Being a millennial certainly has its benefits; however there are also a few negative aspects. As a younger generation, we were born into the age of technological advances and rapid fire changes. For many of us, having a cell phone since we hit double digits, TV’s with hundreds of channels and four remotes, a casual view of regular airplane travel, and everyone having their own car are completely normal. We grew up knowing that we could be anything we wanted to be when we grew up and never doubted the certainty of that statement. We know that if we don’t like our current job for any reason, we could go down the street and be in a better atmosphere, with a better paycheck to
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Unformatted text preview: boot. As a generation, we are spoiled and that’s ok with us. But don’t let this fool you, hard work is still highly valued however we have come to define this drastically different than those who came before us. This is one of the main positive aspects. We value our overall well-being over stressing to make more money at the expense of our health and family. Also, we are more open to change having been brought up on continuous change. The more negative aspects are that we do tend to expect to be coddled. We are spoiled and we not only want but expect our never ending second chances. The lack of technological know-how of older generations tends to confuse and irritate us, as it is second nature for millenials....
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BN301-millenials - boot As a generation we are spoiled and...

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