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Alissa Stein March 24, 2008 Chapter 9 assignment Until the beginning of the 19 th century, women’s rights sized to exist. The constitution failed to include them, and there was little to no room for them outside of the kitchen. In 1920, women gained monumental recognition, with the right to vote. This was also the time in history referred to as the “Roaring 20’s,” when our economy began to boom. Women’s fashion became more risqué and fun. As a whole their place in society became more important. Following this period, the stock market crashed, our country entered The Great Depression, and eventually we entered World War II. At this time, hemlines became longer, and women’s clothes became dull and boring once again. Their traditional role of housewife and homemaker was resumed. Throughout history there has been a relationship between the appropriate fashion
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Unformatted text preview: for women, and their role in society and culture. When they were seen as equals and accepted, there fashion was more trendy and free. They were shorter skirts, low cut necklines, and brighter bolder colors. When you look at the way women dressed during the depression and the wars, when their only role was to take care of the house and family the style is boring. The skirts are long, and the necklines are high. The colors are minimal and very traditional. Throughout history women have fought and struggled to gain independence and equality. When our economy was doing well, women were given these freedoms more leniently. But it seems, that when things started to go wrong women were ‘sent back to the kitchen,’ to care for their husbands....
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