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2nd Ch readings

2nd Ch readings - 2.2 2.3 Letters between Wu Sangui and...

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2.2, 2.3 Letters between Wu Sangui and Dorgon Letters between Wu Sangui and Dorgon- letters were critical turning point in China's history. Ming armies had to decide whether to stay loyal or go w/ a rebel group. Wu goes with the Manchus and defeats Li Zicheng in Peking.~~ Wu: I have always admired your power Dorgon. Our emperor has died and no Zichen the bandit is calling himself emperor. Though I am defending the border gate I wish to launch an expedition to comfort the people. Consider our situation w/ compassion. You should not tolerate bandits; to eliminate them would be righteous. You can take all the bandit's wealth. We will do it together. 2.3 Dorgon: On 3 occasion we have launched campaigns to show that we wanted to befriend and plan w/ the Ming Emperor. Now we just want to pacify the nation and calm people. I will crush the bandits. If you lead your troops to us we will give you land and make you a prince. Your descendants will enjoy wealth. 2.4 Dorgon to Ming loyalist Shi Kefa
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