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PIA - identify two variables that will probably what was an...

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Your Name: __Julianne Beck_______ Student IDNumber: 100240611__ Title of Research: _Survey of attitudes about Education and Science__________ Researcher’s Name: __Robert Laforge__________________________________ Researcher’s signature, if required: ____________________________________________ 1. Briefly describe the research procedure: _An online questionnaire asking all kinds of questions about science and education with possible answers like strongly agree to strongly disagree and other responses similar to that.____________________________ 2. Is this study best described as (check one option and then answer the relevant questions directly below your choice): CORRELATIONAL? __+____ EXPERIMENTAL? ______ 3. Based upon what you observed, Based upon what you observed, identify two variables that will probably what was an important independent
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Unformatted text preview: identify two variables that will probably what was an important independent be shown to be correlated in this study. variable in this study? Alcohol consumption ________ __________________________ _Educational work ethic______ __________________________ 4. Do you expect a positive or What was an important dependent negative correlation? Why? variable ? Negative, because drinking tends to Have a negative effect on ones work ethic. 5. What were the limitations of the research in which you participated and how would you improve upon the procedures used in this study? (For example, were there any potential confounding variables that remained uncontrolled? Explain your answer.) It would be very easy for someone to lie about their alcohol consumption as well as their age. The possible responses were also very limiting....
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  • researcher, Drinking culture, __Robert Laforge__________________________________ Researcher, Beck_______ Student IDNumber

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