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Critical Reflections Page #1 While reading about the birth of Christianity I read that “according to the New Testament the most significant force in the spread of Christian message was not (Jesus’) persecution, but rather the conviction of Paul.” (N34) I found this sentence to be one of the most insightful. After reading this I thought to myself if this could really be true? I never thought about how Christianity spread after the persecution of Jesus. It was startling to read that Paul had a bigger impact on the spread of Christianity then Jesus. It strikes me that Jesus who was the messiah and the one put on earth to spread the word of God was out done by a regular human being. I still do not fully trust the validity of this quote. I also read that Paul spread the word of Jesus in a whole new light. One quote I found interesting was that “It is sometimes claimed that Paul fundamentally altered the message of Jesus.” (N44) I was struck by this quote because many people follow the bible and its teachings
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