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Answer TWO FROM SECTION (1) AND ONE FROM SECTION (2). Answers are to be in 3 to 4 (typed) page “essays”. DO NOT USE THE SAME ANSWER (POINTS) IN MORE THAN ONE OF YOUR ESSAYS. SECTION (1) I. Take “realism” in the sense of acknowledging that properties are recognized as entities—entities other than the ordinary individuals (Socrates, this bottle, etc.) that have them. Set out in a coherent short essay reasons for and against one or two forms of realism. II. In the Phaedo Plato mentions the argument in the Meno for the doctrine of recollection. Forgetting the issue about the immortality of “the soul,” consider the problem posed in terms of our supposed understanding or “grasp” of common properties. Discuss the problem and bring in the relevance of the apparent “immanent” particular qualities indicated in the Phaedo —the tallness of x, the whiteness in this chalk, etc. III. Aristotle cites, in effect, “negative forms” or “forms of negations” along
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