EXAM TWO - Sexuality Exam 2 Class Material-1 What are the...

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Sexuality Exam 2 - 1 - Class Material What are the specifics of hegemonic masculinity and femininity? Dominant Cultural Script for Masculine Sexuality o Men should not have certain feelings o Sex is not nurturing or an intimate attachment-sex as a competitive sport o Performance is the thing that counts o The man initiates, leads, and is in charge o A man always wants and is ready for sex o All physical contact leads to sex—no physical pleasure except sexual pleasure o Sex equals intercourse o Sexual intercourse leads to orgasm o Mens sexual experiences should be “ecstatic explosiveness (Orgasms reflect masculinity) o Sexual prowess is never permanently earned, each time it must be re-proven Dominant Cultural Script for Feminine Sexuality o Sex is good in a relationship, bad casually o Don’t touch me “down there”—no self exploration and uncomfortable with smell, taste, appearane of genitals o Sex is something women do for men o Men should know what women want without being told o Women shouldn’t talk about sex o Women should look like “playmates” o Women are nurturers—their partners needs, desires, and pleasures come first o There is only one right way to have an orgasm—during vaginal intercourse as a result of penile stimulation What is implied about race and class in the U.S. by using the term hegemonic? o Hegemony: the ideal, most powerful, dominant. Ideology, behavior expression this is the from that has authority. o Those who don’t have the hegemonic script are inferior o Ex. Mutliple expressions, ideology ect. o Tend to think of “men” as strong, assertive, unemotional, and breadwinner Would these traits change for a black man? Yes. Viewed as aggressive and very strong. Not the breadwinner African American women tend to be the breadwinners What sociological themes emerged from your “Dirty Words Day” discussion regarding the feminization and masculinization of genitals, the functions and effects of using certain words, and how is the use of these words related to privilege, oppression, gendered sexual scripts, and sexual stratification? o The masculine words had a lot more to do with action and aggression where as the female words had to do more with submission and places where you put things e.g. box. How do traditional transsexuals and intersexuals reinforce the binary gender system?
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Sexuality Exam 2 - 2 - How do transsexuals and intersexuals interrupt the binary gender system? How does the history of body modification and the emergence of the transsexual in the 1950’s provide evidence for constructionism? o It was not until the 1950s that IGM became a common pediatric practice. Prior to that, unless infants were born with genital deformities that caused ongoing pain or endangered their health, they were left alone. What is meant by this paraphrase of Wilchins, “Intersexed people are the noise in the
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EXAM TWO - Sexuality Exam 2 Class Material-1 What are the...

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