COMM2400 chapter 5

COMM2400 chapter 5 - Unit 5 Pluralism Difference and...

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Unit 5 Pluralism, Difference and Conflict in Constructions Conditions of rapid change, pluralism, interdependence, and mediation require a different understanding and practice of communication if we are to successfully make decisions together. We must talk to produce rather than talk from productions. Acknowledging the social construction of our experience is always an acknowledgement that it could be otherwise. Pluralism and Difference Pluralism as a term draws our attention to difference and a positive sense of being in the world with others who are different. The presence of difference changes our relationship to ourselves, others and the world and places new demands on the communication process. (cont.) The presence of difference removes the presumed naturalness of our preunderstandings. This is essential to seeing where we consent and is a first step to overcome it and having choices. We recognize in this that whatever we have as objects instead of feelings are not natural. Difference expands the number of subjects positions available to us allowing communication to be productive and growthful rather than simply reproductive. Difference and Claims in Life Arenas each, but each challenges a claim made in our relation to aspects of living. Difference is a counter-claim on the world. Differences take place in different arenas of life. A claim is a subject position’s relationship to something. Our existence and talk endlessly produce claims about our relation to others, the world and the future. A claim in this sense is not just an assertion about truth but rather is
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COMM2400 chapter 5 - Unit 5 Pluralism Difference and...

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