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Definitions for Exam #1

Definitions for Exam #1 - Definitions for Exam#1 Sex...

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Definitions for Exam #1: Sex: Biological differences between males and females Gender: social produced and enforced roles for women and men Sexual Orientation: preference for romantic and/or sexual partners Norms: shared rules for behavior in specific situations Gender role norms: expected behavior that reflects how society thinks a person of a specific sex should act. Authority: legitimate exercise of power Power: a person’s ability to achieve their goals, whether they’re legitimate or not, even if opposition occurs Ascribed status- status assigned to an individual or group based on nonperformance related criteria Privilege- advantage based on ascribed status; usually unacknowledged Prejudice- negative beliefs about a group Discrimination- unequal treatment of people groups because of their personal characteristics Institutionalized Discrimination- the unequal treatment of people with different physical or social characteristics that is embedded in social structure Egalitarian Gender-
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