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Group Interaction study guide 1 - Group Interaction Exam #1...

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Group Interaction Exam #1 Review There is a major difference between communication and communications- those who use the term communications are not concerned how meanings are constructed or how meanings shape action. The Dynamic Process Model More useful in describing interpersonal groups and organizational communication Action (social) differs from motion (physical) To understand action we need to grasp the meanings that constitute it Different views of meaning: the interpretations people construct through interactions with others- messages meanings What do we mean by “Dynamic Process” There are many forces acting on us in interaction, but those forces can change over time We are both senders and receivers at the same time The meanings of messages change along with the ever-changing context The meanings produced in communication depend on what has gone before and what occurs afterward Definition of communication: communication is the dynamic process by which at least two conscious individuals exchanged symbols to create meanings that coordinate and control bother persons activity and knowledge Meaning is not something possessed by me and transferred to you… it is something that emerges from our interaction When we communicate we create meaning, we construct our reality through the use of symbols Miscommunication does not exist in this model Context in the culture we find ourselves, shapes the meanings we make The meanings we create can shape the culture Communication is about intersubjective meanings that allow us to coordinate and control activity, not about sharing preciously the same meanings Meanings may coincide, by synchronized, or correspond-but they are never going to identical The realities we create are shaped by the context which is socially constructed You don’t communicated meaning to me. You convey information; I interpret information and meaning emerges from that. There is no communication without both components For this reason one cannot communicate with but not to another. The defining characteristic of the participants in communication is the process of
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Group Interaction study guide 1 - Group Interaction Exam #1...

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