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ART 1300: INTRODUCTION TO THE VISUAL ARTS Pope/Spring 2008 Quiz #4 HELPSHEET Quiz will cover • Chapters 23, 25-28, 32 (Modern) • all reports pertaining to those chapters • Pollock video * 20 questions, worth 20 points Hint re vocabulary: best definitions are those given in class; next-best are those in art history books (see syllabus p.1 suggestions); online, best source is Grove Dictionary of Art Online, access via BearCat Useful approach for terms/vocabulary = for each term, name a work that illustrates the term MONUMENTS—approx. dates sufficient • who (made or for whom made) • when • where (including original context) • why • how (process) TERMS (new since Quiz #3) Classicism Neoclassicism Academic Art Prix de Rome
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Unformatted text preview: Motif Autobiography Expressionism Flaneur Japonisme Isometric Perspective Competition Memorial Partial Figure Maquette Study Pedestal Action Painting Drip Painting Abstract Expressionism Cubism Analytic Cubism Synthetic Cubism Abstraction Primitivism Avant-Garde MONUMENTS (chapter key works in bold) Death of Marat Oath of the Horatii Napoleon at St. Barnard Pass Night Caf The Sower Potato Eaters Starry Night Burghers of Calais The Thinker Herakles the Archer The Air Carson Pirie Scott Building Fagus Shoe Factory Norwood Tower Empire State Building Seagram Building Lavender Mist The Studio Man with a Pipe Guernica ARTISTS NAMES David Millet Van Gogh Rodin Bourdelle Maillol Sullivan Gropius Loos Mies van der Rohe Pollock Picasso...
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