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Chin 51 - Qifiififiéfifio 10.£7"E§E'11-E%‘...

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Unformatted text preview: Qifiififiéfifio. 10.£7"E§E., '11-E%‘, fifi 323a wmemmef‘ Be careful fi¥fiig¥fiMi§$Zi é EE¥EI I Wfifirtflfifififi ° fifiZ%@ o J E-T‘El I “TniEfi ’ fi'fiflfi'2% ? J.- EEE-T‘El 1 r¥fifififi * fififlfifiifiiflfiZfi ?‘ J ESFEI '- Visa-911512., EEL7F9EH¥fi ° 7r'EfiliEfif-E ’ ¥Z$fl%2% ’ Q? D J §§¥E¥ I rfifiifiilfi ° $13 if $E§9ED$% .1 1E? ’ EEEfiDfifinZfifiFfifi a fiflZEfiifi a J E2? H uizi early philosopher, frequent opponent of Zhuangzi 3% Héo name of a river ;@ [icing bridge {1% tia’o a kind of fish ffiéfi céngréng carefree éfi lé joy {E 161322 follow fl Em interrogatiyeipgrficle. _- it rii (eQuival-en-t to ii?) you ‘2: yin say (indicates end of quotation) ...
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