Cartesian Circle @ - OBJECTION (3) You aren't yet certain...

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OBJECTION (3) You aren’t yet certain that God exists, and you say that you can’t be certain of anything -can’t know anything ‘clearly and distinctly’ - without first getting clear and certain knowledge of God’s existence. It follows that you don’t yet clearly and distinctly know that you are a thinking thing . At the point ·in your argument· where you conclude that you clearly know what you are, ·namely a thinking thing·, you haven’t yet proved that God exists; but you admit that having clear knowledge ·of anything· requires having clear knowledge of an existing God. Furthermore, ·this admission of yours seems to be obviously wrong·. An atheist is clearly and distinctly aware that the three angles of a triangle are equal to two right angles; but he is so far from supposing the existence of God that he completely denies it. His view goes like this: If God existed, there would be a supreme being and a supreme good; which means that the infinite would exist. But in each category of perfection the infinite excludes everything else whatsoever - every kind of being and goodness, as well as every kind of non-being and evil. But there are many kinds of being and goodness, and many kinds of non-being and evil; ·so the notion of something that excludes them all is incoherent, which implies that God couldn’t possibly exist·. We think you should deal with this objection, so that irreligious people are left with
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Cartesian Circle @ - OBJECTION (3) You aren't yet certain...

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