Week_7.1_PurpleBook_Answers - Frontier Molecular Orbitals...

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Unformatted text preview: Frontier Molecular Orbitals of Polyenes 1. Draw a simple representation of both the HOMO and LUMO for the following: 2. Draw resonance structures for the following ion: LUMO: Now construct the complete π molecular orbitals. Identify the HOMO, and show how the HOMO accurately represents what is seen in the resonance structures. 0 nodes 1 node 1 node 2 nodes 2 nodes 3 nodes Let's only look at the 5 atoms involved in the pi-system: HOMO The HOMO shows the same electron density (negative charge on atoms 1, 3, and 5) as we see in the resonance structures above. HOMO: Week 7 178 CO 2 Me CO 2 Me CO 2 Me CO 2 Me O HO O HO O O OMe O O Cycloadditions 1. Fill in the other reactant required for each of the following cycloadditions. Then indicate whether the reaction should take place under thermal (heat) or photochemical (light) conditions. Finally, show a curved- arrow mechanism for the indicated cyclization....
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Week_7.1_PurpleBook_Answers - Frontier Molecular Orbitals...

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