hw1 - Foor apartment, which happens to show the Fowerpot...

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Physics 13 — Winter 2008 Homework #1—Due 10:00 PM on Monday, Jan. 14, 2007 PART I: Complete the “p13-Homework 1” assignment at www.webassign.net. This part is submitted electronically. PART II: Complete the following problems. You will be graded in part on the quality of your explanation/presentation. Show your work! Where possible, display your results in algebraic form before plugging in any numbers if required. 1. Consider the three baseballs hit on trajectories A, B, and C below. (a) Rank these baseballs in order of: i. Time until impact ii. Upward component of initial velocity iii. Horizontal component of initial velocity (b) Sketch the vertical position versus time and the acceleration versus time for baseballs A and B. head by a falling Fowerpot. One piece of evidence is a home video taken in a 4th-
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Unformatted text preview: Foor apartment, which happens to show the Fowerpot falling past a tall window. Inspection of individual frames of the video shows that in a span of 6 frames the Fowerpot falls a distance that corresponds to 0.85 of the window height seen in the video (note: standard video runs at a rate of 30 frames per second). You visit the apartment and measure the window to be 2.2 m high. What can you conclude? Under what assupmtions? Give as much detail as you can. 3. (M&I Problem 2.25) In a crash test, a truck with mass 2200 kg traveling at 25 m/s (about 55 mph) smashes head-on into a concrete wall without rebounding. The front end crumples so much that the truck is 0.8 m shorter than before. What is the approximate magnitude of the force exerted on the truck by the wall? Explain your analysis carefully and justify your estimates or assumptions on physical grounds....
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hw1 - Foor apartment, which happens to show the Fowerpot...

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