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Chem 5 Winter 2005 Exam 2 Study Guide 1 Here are the central topics for the second exam. If you understand this material well and understand the problems on the past several problem sets, you’ll do well on the exam! Chapter 7: Acids and Bases Can you: identify the acid and/or the base in a chemical reaction? write the acid dissociation equilibrium constant expression? classify an acid as to strength based on K a values? calculate the equilibrium concentrations of a weak acid, its conjugate base, and H + in a solution? recognize where to make the approximation that the equilibrium acid concentration, [HA], equals the analytic concentration, [HA] 0 ? relate a base hydrolysis constant, K b , to its associated acid constant K a ? calculate the pH of a weak acid solution or a solution of a weak base? describe the species present at any pH in a polyprotic acid solution? Chapter 8: Aqueous Equilibria Can you: recognize a buffer solution? calculate its pH? its buffering capacity? use the Henderson-
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