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Chem 5 Winter 200 5 Practice Exam 1 (with solutions) 1 These are typical problems from past Chem 5 exams I have given. Note that your exam will include a Periodic Table (with atomic numbers and masses), values of important constants, and a list of useful mathematical equations, like PV = nRT . This course is all about understanding these kinds of expressions, not simply memorizing them. The student who seeks to get maximum benefit from these problems will work them before looking at the solutions, which begin on the next page! 1. During the process of wine fermentation, the grape sugar glucose (C 6 H 12 O 6 ) is converted with the help of an enzyme in yeast into the alcohol ethanol (C 2 H 5 OH) and carbon dioxide gas. (a) Write the balanced, stoichiometric net reaction, which in words is glucose ethanol + carbon dioxide (b) How many grams of ethanol can be made from 13.5 g of glucose? (c) If the 13.5 g of glucose are placed in a 2.00 L vessel at 300 K and sealed under 1.00 atm of air, what is the final pressure when all the glucose is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide? Neglect the volume occupied by the glucose (initially) and the ethanol (at the end). 2. One of the steps in the rusting of iron involves the spontaneous conversion of iron(II) hydroxide into iron(III) hydroxide when in the presence of water and oxygen gas. Write the balanced net reaction for this spontaneous conversion.
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PracticeExam1 - Chem 5 Practice Exam 1 (with solutions)...

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