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Writer's Profile polished draft - To: Professor Chrystal...

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To: Professor Chrystal From: Patricia Shi Date: 09/15/07 Re: Interview with the CEO of UNI Marketing Alliance Erwin Yu is the business professional I interviewed for this assignment. He is the CEO and the founder of UNI Marketing Alliance. In July 2007, his online business Webhost4life.com was selected to be one of the top 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America, by Inc. Magazine. Mr. Yu was very confident, outgoing and helpful during our meeting. He provided useful advices in the field of business writing, and I was also inspired by his insights on how to run a successful business. Advices and Recommendations from Mr. Yu Mr. Yu believed the key to success is trying and never give up on your dream. “Live in your dream, or die trying” is his favorite quote. He told me that he wanted to give up so many times, when the business is not making money, when everything just seems so hard at the beginning. But he kept telling himself that if he works hard enough, he can do it. This is his dream, and no one can make it come true except himself. I was truly inspired by his attitude. He started with nothing, but he has already achieved so much. About advices on writings, he suggests students not only learn the required courses in school, but also learn through any possible methods in our daily life. Reading the news, reading business magazines, read on the Internet, read books, write diary, write blogs, are all good methods to learn about writing. “To absorb as much as you could from what you read and to practice as much as you could on all kinds of writings… Trust me! It will help you, in any future career!” Education and Training in Writing Skills Mr. Yu earned his college degree from U.C. Irvine, majored in Computer Science. The knowledge he learned through college is the foundation of his business writing skills. He talked about the importance of college writing courses. “When I was a student like you, I never thought that knowing how to write is a skill you
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Writer's Profile polished draft - To: Professor Chrystal...

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