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Chapter 2 Minitab

Chapter 2 Minitab - Parag Santhosh Peoplesoft 1576431...

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Parag Santhosh Peoplesoft: 1576431 Section 25D Greg Matthews For Class 1, the data resembled a mound-shaped, atleast it was closer to the shape than class 2. The most prevalent score was 65, with over 20 students attaining that score. The mean of the class was 70.19, while the median was 69, which were really close to each other, which supports the mound-shaped data it formed on the histogram. The range was from a minimum value of 38 to 100. For Class 2, the data was slightly skewed to the left. The mean was 75.410, while the median score was 76. The most prevalent score was 80, with over 30 students attaining that score, and the minimum score was 43, while the highest score was 100. The center was the player that scored the most amount of rebounds per game, with 222 rebounds. The comparable number of rebounds came from the first forward with 155 rebounds. The first guard’s score of 119 rebounds was the third best score, with the second forward and second guard scored 84 and 59 points respectively. The stem ranges from 0
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