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THE VOCABULARY Ethnographic method- Major research tool of anth; includes fieldwork and the written results Ethnography- Intensive study of a particular society and culture Ethnology- Comparative statements about cultural and social processes Fieldwork- First-hand, systematic study of a cultural system; involves living w them Informants- People through whom anthropologists learn about a culture Empirical science- Trying to understand something based on presumably objective observ Postmodernism- No real objective reality; rather many partial truths or cultural constructions Androcentric bias- Distortion based on excessive focus on male activities Cross-cultural survey- Uses stats to look at many societies and make generalizations Human Relations Area File- Database with info on more than 300 cultures Native anthropologist- One who studies own culture in depth Diffusion- Spread of cultural elements from one culture to another through cultural contact Transculturation- Transformation of adopted traits resulting in new cultural forms Ecological functionalism- Ways in which cultural institutions work can be understood by examining their effects on the environment
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Anth101notes_9-18-07 - THE VOCABULARY Ethnographic method...

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