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Extra Credit Test Questions- Ch.11 - A Infrared Radiation B...

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Ramy Shweiky GEOG 260 Extra Credit Questions: Chapter 11 1. According to Koeppen’s system of designated climate zones, which letter corresponds to that of a Dry (desert) climate zone? A. B. C. D. Answer: B (pg. 352) 2. What is the most prominent of the three major permanent gases in the atmosphere? A. Argon B. Oxygen C. CO2 D. Nitrogen Answer: D (pg. 353) 3. In what form is most of the solar radiation that reaches the Earth in?
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Unformatted text preview: A. Infrared Radiation B. Solar Radiation C. Ultraviolet Radiation D. Greenhouse Radiation Answer: C (pg. 359) 4. What is the average (approximate) Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration in the atmosphere today? A. 100 ppm B. 200 ppm C. 300 ppm D. 400 ppm Answer: D (pg. 361)...
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