Nat Haz LecNotes 2-14-08

Nat Haz LecNotes 2-14-08 - -massive eruption 13,000 years...

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Natural Hazards Lecture Notes: 2/14/08 Volcanoes - patterns are similar to earthquake zones - volcanoes occurs in areas of subduction zones – one plate is pushed under another - “Pacific Ring of Fire” – region of high volcano density - each volcano is different and unique; each has its own thumbprint - Cascade Range of Volcanoes is a converging zone – subduction occurs o Mount St. Helens – gigantic explosion off the side of the mountain o Hazard for the West Coast – underlooked at most times o Has more than a dozen potentially active volcanoes Effects of Volcano - flooding - landslides and mudslides - disease – irritation caused by ash in the air, etc. Problem with Volcanoes in NW United States (Cascades) - high population density that continues to grow o area at risk for earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes o Pac NW, vulnerable to mega disaster - 100’s of eruptions - most explosive - some volcanoes lie dormant, but they have centuries of gaps between eruptions. Glacier Peak’s Eruption History - erupted at least 6 times in the past 4,000 years
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Unformatted text preview: -massive eruption 13,000 years ago – ash fell in Wyoming Collapse of Lava Domes-can cause landslides-pyroplastic flow o volcanic rocks break off and race down the mountain very hot-can change ecosystems and habitat Lahar – volcanic mudslide with ash Mount Rainier-100,000 live on deposits of previous lahars-lahars that reach Puget sound occur at least 1 in 500 to 1,000 years – about 1 in 7 chance of one occurring within a lifetime-little to no warning of a lahar Predictability of Volcanic Eruptions-specific events: considerable difficulty in predicting times/dates and magnitudes Volcanic Eruptions: Attempts at Prediction-precursor seismic activity-rock deformation and measurements-emission of gases and smoke Why Would Anyone Live Near a Volcano?-fertile soils-scenic landscapes or-ignorance and optimism – many volcanoes are considered dormant or extinct o even active volcanoes may not erupt for decades...
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Nat Haz LecNotes 2-14-08 - -massive eruption 13,000 years...

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