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court case - Jeffrey Tong SID 107810410 Jeffrey Tong SID...

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Jeffrey Tong SID: 107810410 Jeffrey Tong SID: 107810410 CCJS100, Sec0106 TA: Chongmin Na I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this examination. _____________________ Criminal Court Visit: Rockville, MD During my visit to the Montgomery County Circuit Court in Rockville, Maryland (50 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, Maryland 20850), I observed several interesting criminal court cases. Although all of the court cases I observed were petty cases on the bottom of the “Wedding Cake” scale, just involving traffic and vehicle violations, they were great representations of our criminal justice system at work today. This state court system particularly handled cases of limited jurisdiction; mainly petty and misdemeanor cases. The first trial began with a greeting to the judge, Barry A. Hamilton, by the prosecutor and an opening statement by the prosecutor. The prosecutor stated the charge of “driving with a suspended license” and proceeded to describe the petty case. The prosecutor presented the evidence of where the crime was committed, such as the road intersection name of where the arrest was made, and the reason for the arrest. The defendant was accused of driving with a suspended license along 270 and therefore arrested. After the opening statement, the judge turned to the defendant and his lawyer or defense attorney for their rebuttal statement. The defendant did not speak, but was represented by the lawyer whom stood by his side. The lawyer restated the charge in a simpler manner and made his rebuttal statement. The lawyer stated that 1
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Jeffrey Tong SID: 107810410 the driver was not aware of the license still being suspended and shoveled out several documents from his briefcase and folders. The lawyer stated that the driver had already handled the paperwork involving the suspension and had thought that the charges had been cleared. The lawyer asked the judge if he would like to view the papers for himself. After the judge reviewed the papers, the prosecutor was allowed to speak. The prosecutor
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court case - Jeffrey Tong SID 107810410 Jeffrey Tong SID...

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