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David Li Li 1 Julie Mullen Eng Comp 3 1 November 2007 When the World is Watching What if, instead of watching what’s happening in the rest of the world on television, everyone in the world was watching you? In the film, The Truman Show , Truman Burbank is the star of a television program that chronicles Truman’s entire life and runs for over thirty years before coming to a dramatic finale. The film expands on the hero archetype by applying the traditional hero’s journey to a man’s struggle against the media. The Truman Show suggests to the audience that the media has a role in negatively impacting and creating illusions and fantasies that envelop the lives of individuals. Individuals, like Truman, seek to live an authentic life, even if it isn’t perfect. Thus, Truman must embark on a journey to discover what is real, even while the media insists on pouring truth into the words of Shakespeare, that “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” In The Truman Show , every detail about Truman is broadcasted to the public; no event that happens in his life evades the rest of the world’s attention. Christof, the director and producer of “Truman’s life”, assumes the role of God and father by controlling everything that occurs in Truman’s life. All that seems to represent freedom,
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reality, and chance to Truman is actually a façade, becomes discontent with the life he leads and seeks to break free of the prison the controller has created for him. Li 2 According to Signs of Life in the USA, by Sonia Massik and Jack Solomon, most hero myths follow a crude ten-stage setup. The Truman Show presents a hero who must fight against the media in order to obtain his freedom and discover the truth, justifying its interpretation as a hero myth. In the first stage, in which “the hero is introduced in ordinary surroundings, in a mundane world, doing mundane things” (Maasik and Solomon 318), Truman leads an ordinary trouble-free life as a salesman, but yearns to
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When_the_World_is_Watching - David Li Julie Mullen Eng Comp...

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