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Film Essay Questions - Final Exam Music History 7 Essays...

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Final Exam: Music History 7 Essays Winter 2008 Instructions: Please answer the following questions, typing directly into this document in the spaces provided. Use the provided font, existing margins, and single-spacing. Your answer to each section of the question (a, b, etc.) should be a maximum of 150 words (about 10 lines). If your answer exceeds this limit, we’ll only read the first 150 words. Your answers should be in prose. Your answers will be graded on content, organization, and writing style. Please leave one blank line between each of your answers and the next question or section of the question. Note that the text on the following two pages is not fixed in place. As you type your answers in, the questions below will shift downward. Please delete the excess spaces when you’re done. Each question (#1 and #2) should fit onto a single page. You may use your notes, your readings, and the films as resources. You may not collaborate with your classmates. Save and print your finished document ( excluding this first page ) and bring it (plus a #2 pencil) with you to your final exam on Tuesday, March 18. You must turn it in as you enter the lecture hall. Late essay portions will not be accepted. Good Luck!!
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Final Exam: Music History 7 Essays Winter 2008 Name (last name, first name): Li, David ID Number: 503589834 1. Film and Race (15 points) Throughout this course, we’ve discussed the ways in which race and entertainment intersect in film. Our discussion of Bamboozled focused particularly on the racial politics of American entertainment and film. Answer the following questions about this subject. a. What nineteenth-century entertainment genre does Bamboozled feature? Briefly describe this genre (who performed it, when and where, what did these performances include, and what racial and ethnic groups were involved).
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