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David Li Julie Mullen Eng Comp 3 25 October 2007 Mac vs. PC One button does all. That’s the idea that Apple seeks to embody within its products. Apple’s “Get a Mac” commercials seek to promote the image of its computers all the while bashing PCs in what Apple would consider the subtlest of ways. With carefully crafted portrayals of themselves and PC’s, Apple is able to appeal to the consumer’s preferences with all the “good” qualities of Macs all the while illuminating the weaknesses of PCs. Additionally, Apple implies that the era in which we currently exist is a period of productivity. It is a period during which the average American seeks every task, everything that requires effort, to be accomplished with more and more ease with less and less input. However, it is not only simplicity that characterizes this age. Apple suggests that Americans no longer treasure specialization; they crave the multifunctional version of everything. No longer do we need a single machine to do one specific task, because Apple presents to us a single machine which can accomplish an immeasurable amount of tasks. We finally gain access to technology that would make life much more productive. We have on our hands the Mac. Appearance could possibly be the most treasured characteristic in modern society. We are always conscious of what we wear, how our hair looks, and how fit we are. Image
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is one of the most significant factors, if not the most significant factor, in social networking. This concern over physical appearances isn’t limited to just individuals; companies like Apple are always in pursuit of improving their image. In the “Get a Mac” commercials, Mac’s clothing consists of jeans and shirts; simply put, he wears ordinary everyday clothes. No doubt this is Apple’s way of familiarizing itself with consumers by presenting a figure dressed in casual clothes that most people wear. He is also youthful, symbolizing the trendiness and hipness of Mac computers, which is used to target the younger generation. On the other hand, Apple portrays PC as a middle-aged businessman sporting dorky glasses, khakis, and a tie. By outfitting him with such clothing, Apple is
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Mac - David Li Julie Mullen Eng Comp 3 25 October 2007 Mac...

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