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Li 1 Julie Mullen English Comp 3 13 December 2007 Abortion and the Fundamental Right to Choose In 1973, the pivotal United States Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade, established that a woman have the right to abort up until the moment that the fetus becomes viable. Viability is the ability to live without the environment of a mother's womb, even if artificial support is required. Abortion has always been a controversial issue that pits the rights of the mother against the rights of her unborn child. An immeasurable number of questions arise, including the ethical "Is it wrong to destroy life?" and "Do we trample on the fundamental right to live when an abortion is performed?" According to Roe v. Wade, abortion is not the destruction of the life of a fetus unless it is able to survive in an extra- uterine environment. This reasonably helps distinguish the line that separates an individual with its own rights from a being without rights that is dependent on its mother. Despite the Roe v. Wade decision, there still exist factions that condemn the choice to abort and claim that abortion is equivalent to murder. However, they disregard the health complications (mental and physical), financial issues, and social problems that may arise should an unprepared woman choose to keep her child instead of abort. Furthermore, they overlook the fact that outlawing abortion will not prevent all abortions from taking place. According to a study examining abortion trends from 1995 to 2003, conducted by Gilda Sedgh of the Guttmacher Institute in the United States and colleagues from the World
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Li 2 Health Organization, "women are just as likely to get an abortion in countries where it is outlawed as they are in countries where it is legal, along with the fact that abortion rates are virtually equal in rich and poor countries, and that half of all abortions worldwide are unsafe." Without the government's support for abortion, illegal abortions such as "back- alley" abortions will nevertheless take place, endangering the lives of the individuals involved. A woman's right to choose whether she desires to have an abortion or not is a fundamental right that should never be taken away. We cannot ever decide for an individual. We must let her decide for herself. In the controversial debate regarding abortion, a woman's health is generally of the greatest concern. Denise James, M.D, an assistant professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, refers to the act of aborting before fetal viability in order to preserve maternal health as therapeutic abortion, as opposed to elective abortion, defined
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Abortion - Li 1 Julie Mullen English Comp 3 13 December...

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