Tissue - Tissue 4 types of Tissue Epithelial covers all...

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Tissue 4 types of Tissue Epithelial – covers all free surfaces, Avascular Contacts connective tissue Endothelial – internal including passageways that communicate with the exterior (i.e., digestive, urinary, and respiratory tracts) Connective – vascular Supports Fat/energy reserves Nutrient stores Produces a lot of Extracellular material e.g. the outside of bone is Extracellular tissue produced by internal cells Muscle – responds to stimulation of chemical , mechanical, or electrical cellular event. Neural – transmitting, depolarization, and release of neural transmitters to nerve or other effector organ at the post synaptic membrane IEpithelial – classified by number of layers. Have tight junctions Unique characieristics: avascular (no blood supply of own, must receive oxygen from the tissue its in contact with) attached to a basement membrane can be regenerated Types of epithelial tissue are classified by: Simple layer = one cell layer, suitable for exchange of molecules Stratified layers = multifple cell layers, protect against mechanical or chemical stress Squamous = thin, plate-like, high surface area to volume ratio exchange of molecules Cuboid = cube-like, secretion and/or absorption, limited protection Columnar = as rectangular, have tight junctions absorption, protection Examples of location of types: simple squamous epithelium stratified squamous epithelium lining of heart and blood vs. surface of skin vessels alveolia of lungs lining of mouth simple cuboidal epithelium stratified cuboidal epithelium kidney tubules, glands vs. lining of ducts, sweat glands simple columnar epithelium stratified columnar epithelium (rare) lining of intestines and GI tract
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Tissue - Tissue 4 types of Tissue Epithelial covers all...

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