Test 2 review - CHAPTER 10 Nathalie is a longhorn...

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CHAPTER 10 Nathalie is a longhorn cheerleader who feels very comfortable performing in the Stadium and cheering the players. For this reason Robyn could not understand why every time the coach asks the cheerleaders for comments about the various practices and their progress Nathalie never answers although she complains about it with her friends after the practice is done. According to your CMS306m book, Nathalie’s behavior can be classified as: A. Avoidance from interaction with the coach B. Overcommunication with her colleagues to compensate for her disruptive behavior C. Withdrawal from communicating with the coach D. Indifference to the progress of the practice E. Disruption in the progress of practice CHAPTER 11 Which of the following is one of the theories discussed in your textbook that explains why people experience communication apprehension? A. Insufficient intellectual capacity B. Inadequate visualization C. Excessive alleviation D. Inappropriate cognitive processing E. Over-preparedness Which of the following is NOT one of your textbook's suggestions for ways to treat communication apprehension? A. Visualization B. Unconscious modification C. Systematic desensitization D. Skills training E. Cognitive restructuring CHAPTER 12 Which of the following is TRUE about an effective ‘specific purpose?’ A. It contains 2-3 central ideas B. It is a general statement about the topic C. It should always be written in an incomplete sentence D. It should place audience and their behaviors at the center of the speaker’s concern. E. It shows audience intent, and specifically how they are going to respond to the evidence cited in the speech.
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Which of the following is not a guideline for creating an effective central idea: A. Be a complete declarative sentence B. Utilize direct, specific language C. Express a single idea D. Meet the needs, interests, expectations, and level of knowledge of your audience E. Use an audience-centered idea CHAPTER 13 In the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still , an alien lands and tells the people of
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Test 2 review - CHAPTER 10 Nathalie is a longhorn...

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