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eng 120 essay2 - Vilnits 1 Rada Vilnits Ms Piscitello...

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Vilnits 1 Rada Vilnits Ms. Piscitello English 120 Section 122 19 October 2007 Religion: Positive or Negative? As a person who believes in religion and believes that it plays a positive role in life; to say and to try to defend that religion plays a positive impact in all people’s lives would be an act of ignorance. Nonetheless, claiming that religion plays a fully negative role in people’s lives would be rather false, since that is not true based on my personal experiences. Just like most things in life, there is no “black and white” answer for anything; there is always a “grey area,” and the role that religion plays in people’s lives is certainly no exception. Religion can play a positive role in people’s lives in many different ways. Based on my own experiences, I strongly believe that there is a higher power, something greater than everything in this world. Religion is something to trust in, because it is something that makes one believe and have faith, and something that gives purpose to life and a “track” to follow. Religion definitely plays a positive role in my life because it makes me a better person. Religion should never be regarded to be more than it is: a personal belief. A belief shouldn’t be the initiator of any belligerence or hostility toward other groups, especially since most religions stand against violence. No believer should have to prove that his/her belief is the best or the truest and state that all the others are insignificant.
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Vilnits 2 Unfortunately, the positive roles religion can play can instantly turn to highly negative roles once a thin line is crossed; that thin line differentiating between a personal belief and a feeling of superiority over everyone else that has different beliefs and the “notion that [a certain religion] provides the only way of salvation and all other religious
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eng 120 essay2 - Vilnits 1 Rada Vilnits Ms Piscitello...

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